10 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog Through the Paid To Write Programmes

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When you have an established blog with at least a PR2 and above, then you can make money with your blog by participating in the “Paid-To-Write” programmes. You first of all concentrate on building your blog’s Google page rank, Alexa rank, etc and when you are through with that, you launch forward.
With your well ranked blog and good traffic, you simply apply to any of these sites. When you are considered and your blog is approved you can then make money with your blog by taking part in product reviews, writing about services, websites, etc of approved advertisers.
If you are a good writer and your blog has got encouraging volume of traffic, you can get as much offers to enable you take good care of yourself and maintain your site as well. It may even generate residual income for you faster than the Google Adsense. So some of the sites include:
1. Bloggerwave: Bloggerwave provides advertisers that would love you to write about their products or services and get paid. You can actually write about those products on your personal blog and get paid.
2. Blogvertise: Blogvertise approves your blog and keeps you on the assignment queue. The moment there is a job available for you, it is assigned to you. You are only needed to write on your blog what the advertiser wants you to talk about their products. It is a reliable way to make money with your blog without much hassles.
3.In Blog Ads: They pay you for every assignment you complete successfully. You are needed to write about products, services, websites, companies, etc.
4. Day Tipper: At Day Tipper, you provide original, useful and helpful tips or articles which they share with the world and pay you $3 for each of such articles.
Review Me: This involves reviewing products and services on your blog and get paid when the assignment is completed. You receive as much as $20 to $200 for each review, depending on the product.
6. Sponsored review: You simply write about advertisers’ products and services, expressing your candid opinion in such a way as to get the visitors to your site interested. You are handsomely rewarded for any nice job accomplished.
7. Pay Per Post: Here you are paid for blogging on the products and services that you love. It is a place where you can easily earn well over $700 monthly with your blog if you are a good writer.
8. Blogitive: Once your blog is approved you have the chance to make money by being linked up to companies which you can make posts about their news releases.
9. LoudLaunch: You make researches concerning advertisers in your chosen niche and write about their products or services. You are then paid fairly for a job well done.
10. B5Media: This is one of the largest paid to blog networks. They pay you to blog about what you love and are passionate about.
When applying to any of the networks, be sure to go through their rules and regulations before accepting any assignment. Some of them would not allow you get in direct contact with the advertiser and doing so would get you banned.

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