How to Configure Your Blogger Blog Settings

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In our last post, we talked about how to configure Blog Posting and I am sure everyone is able to do that now. Today, we are going to configure our blog “settings” to give it our own personal touch instead of depending on the Blogger default.
Under the “Settings” tab there are 9 sub links that you need to take care of. They include the “Basic, Publishing, Formatting, Comments, Archiving, Site feed, Emails & Mobile, Open ID and Permissions” links.
The “Basic” link includes “Blog Tools” which enables you to import blog content 

from another blog to yours; export blog post from a previously exported Blogger blog, or to permanently delete your blog if you wish to. We also have the “Title” link where you can correct the title of your blog if you don’t like your current one. The blog title is usually different from your blog URL, though they can be the same if you have no idea what to put there. For example, the Title of this blog is “Business Success Guide” whereas the URL is

The next in the “Basic” sub link is the ‘Description’. This is where you tell the world what your blog is all about. If it concerns golfing, boxing, small business, fishing, sports betting, bulk sms, etc. You give a description of the blog in sentences not more than 500 characters.
The next thing is “Add your blog to our listings?” You have to choose ‘Yes’ to make your blog available in the Blogger blog directory. The next question is “Let Search Engines find your blog?” Choose ‘Yes’ to make it possible for your blog to be found in the search engines. The next is “Show Quick Editing on your blog? Also choose ‘Yes’ so that you will be able to easily make changes to your posts whenever there is an error. The next is “Show Email Post Links? Also choose ‘Yes’ so that people can email your posts to their friends and increase the popularity of your blog. Next you have “Adult Content?” Your answer should be ‘NO’ unless you have pornographic pictures or contents that should be considered (18+). 
Finally on this segment, you have “Global setting”. Leave this as it is; you do not need to make any changes here.
We are done with the Basic settings. Now save your settings by clicking the button as highlighted above. You will get a message informing you that your settings were successfully saved.
In our next post we shall talk about how to configure the “Publishing” sub link.

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