How to Configure Your Blog for SEO Optimization

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You need to change the way your blog looks in order to make it more attractive and less obvious that you are using the “blogger” blog. If you have knowledge of HTML you will be able to do those changes yourself.
Hide Your Blogger Bar
You need to hide the blogger bar from the public. In order to do this, simply go to the top of your page and click on the link “LAYOUT” and you will see another link “EDIT HTML”. As you click on it, you are shown the HTML code for your page. Scroll to the place where you have and put your cursor right in front of it and hit the “Enter Key” on your keyboard. Copy and paste this code right there.

The right thing to do would be like this:

When that has been pasted, click “SAVE TEMPLATE CHANGES”. That takes care of the blogger Bar. You can then login into your blog through your DASHBOARD.
How To Configure Our Blog Posting
Congratulations for successfully building your new blog without a help from any professional. Now that you have successfully set up your blogger blog, you need to configure it in such a way as to make it Search Engines friendly. When it is optimized it would provide you the result you need. It would also make it look professional so that your visitors can at least be attracted to come again after their first visit.
Every area of your new blog needs to be configured; you don’t need to leave everything in their default otherwise your articles may not get to the target audience and the robots from the major search engines may not crawl your site regularly.
So let’s get down to business and talk about what we need to do to the various aspects of our new blog. Log in to your dashboard and click on the “Posting” tab. 
In the new post area you will be able to configure how your new post should look like. The “Edit Post” helps you to correct any error you may have made while making your post. You have the option to correct the Title, add images, add your labels (keywords), add links, set publish date in case you want the post published on a later date, etc.
“Edit Pages” enables you to add new pages, and add page titles, etc. the final sub link here is the “Comment Moderation” link where you can set the kind of people to comment on your blog. You can decide that comment should be accepted by everybody, only registered Google account holders, etc. You also decide if comments should be published immediately or should be moderated by you before they are published. If you want comments moderated, then you need to provide an e-mail address to which your comments should be sent to enable you edit them before they are published.

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