How does employee engagement and retention correlate?

employee engagement

When employees are engaged, they are committed to the success of their organization. The more engaged your employees are the higher is their motivation and their productivity. They also tend to be more loyal to your company, which reduces turnover and training costs. Employee engagement can directly … [Read more...]

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneur


I was recently studying on how to be a successful entrepreneur – reasons being that I lunched my startup not quite long and I desire to make it a successful one.In my several hours of studies, I got to learn a lot of things, both old and new philosophies that can cause massive success in one's … [Read more...]

10 tips to manage a project efficiently

project leader

Project management is a challenging task and the key to successful project delivery in time and within a confined budget. The project undertaken is always dependent on project management because it is the one thing that will bind and combine all the necessary parts of the project together. It can be … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Business Leadership Skills

business leadership skills

For many business players, business leadership skills come naturally – it’s a fixed attitude, a zest and an eloquently executed sport. Yet, for hopeful leaders and even some with years of experience, taking command at the top isn’t so innate. Failure to delegate or evading responsibility aren’t … [Read more...]

Marketing Made Simple – Boost your Branding with Promotional Items

promotional items

Practicing promotional items marketing is one of the most effective ways of attracting new clients, boosting sales, increasing brand awareness and creating an overall business growth. Implementing these items into the marketing mix indicates your personal involvement with clientele while making sure … [Read more...]

Five Daily Habits for Growing your Business

growing your business

Businesses are run by people, and just like people, businesses too face spurts of growth and times of stagnation. Whether you have just started a business or have an established business that is stuck at the same level, there are steps you can take to make things work.For small business and … [Read more...]